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Painting Classes on Sundays

Pictured below are my students Gary and Marci. They had no experience in oils and have attended my class for about one month now.

This is about their fourth painting since beginning the class. My instruction is simple enough for any beginner to advance quickly and the class is so much fun.


This class is for beginners but some intermediate painters have joined the class before and have profited from some of the techniques I am teaching. The class will be working from real objects , also called a still life.  We  will do some still life and also working from images. It will rotate from time to time. We will do many different things from landscapes to still life and so on.

Painting is a process but it is my simple instruction that will provide for you enough information for you to complete a painting in just 3 hours. Other than work on subject matter I want my students to understand the importance of color and mixing color. It is not as difficult as it seems so relax, enjoy and remember that with effort all can be achieved.

Hours and payment:

The class will run from September to May. The class will be a 3 hour course and will be on Sunday mornings from 10 am - 1pm The first day of class is September 20.

The class will be at 2101 Winter Street Studios - Studio #20.


I will take payment the first of the month and require that you pay a full month on the day of the scheduled class.


The class is 100.00 a month- that is payment for 4 classes. If there are 5 classes in the month then the course is 125.00 for that month. (does not include materials)


If for any reason you cannot attend the class you may make up one class missed in the following month. If you are a first time student and wish to try the class only once to see if you would like to join then the class fee of one time only is 30.00. Also if you can only attend one or two classes in the month then the class is 30.00 and it must be prepaid at the before the class.

I am now taking credit card payments on my WEBSTORE page. You may prepay for the class but you will have to email me at: after you have paid.

Prepaying ensures your seat in the class. You may also pay on arrival at the first class.

Let me know a few weeks before class if you will begin. You may begin after enrollment has begun.


Here is the list of materials:


Brushes: Synthetic white sable - please select a few flat brushes as well as a few round. You will need a variety of sizes from 0 - 12. You do not need all the numbers but it is good to have a good variety in sizes. Also it is recommended that you buy long handle brushes. If you decide to buy a cheap set of brushes be sure that the are the long type. Next you will need to buy a good cleaner. Cleaners are sold at the art stores. You may also wish to clean the brushes with hand soap but please never clean them with turpentine only.


For a palette : Buy disposable paper palette 12 x 16. You may also wish to buy the container to place the papers in but it is not necessary. If you want to take home your paint and use them again at home it is recommended.


Medium: Refined linseed oil- make sure to bring with you 2 small baby food size jars with the lids to make your own mixture in class.


Paint Thinner: We always recommend that you use orderless turpentine. There are many good natural products that are not harmful to you and that work good as well.


Canvases: I have had many first time students bring in canvas boards. Although they are cheap the surface is very hard to work on. Please consider buying a stretched canvas instead. Many of the canvases are primed with gesso already but in this class you will prime you canvas again before painting to give you a better surface to work on. It is recommended that you also invest in buying a quart of light grey acrylic (exterior laytex) paint. I will show you why we will use it in the class and how it makes a difference to have a toned canvas. A good brand is Moor Gard , color "Platinum Grey". Size should be no smaller then 8 x 10 and no larger than 16 x 20.


Oil Colors:

Cad. Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Cad. Orange

Cad. Red Light

Cad,. Red Medium

Alizarine Crimson

Brown Madder

Burnt Umber

Ultramarine Blue

Permanent Green Light

Sap Green

Thalo Green

Dioxide Purple


Large tube of Titanium White

You may wish to buy sets. Not all sets include all these colors so look to see what they offer.